Other Products

Floor Xtend

Floor Xtend - €249

Lengthen the bed of your full size pickup with FLOORXTEND.

The FLOORXTEND is a new product that has many advantages

  1. Stores compactly and does not interfere with other uses.
  2. Drive or slide equipment across it when loading pickup.
  3. Constructed from steel and welded for strength
  4. Corrosion resistant coating on all components

This heavy duty, ruggedly constructed pickup floor extender folds down to a one inch profile and stores permanently mounted to the inside of your pickup tailgate. When your need to haul a standard 8' load and you don't want to risk loosing out the back end of your pick, the FLOORXTEND unfolds easily and is ready to use in 30 seconds or less.

The FLOORXTEND comes with all the corrosion resistant hardware necessary to install quickly and effortlessly with common household tools.

Easy Top

Easy Top - €449

If you're looking for pickup truck canopy’s to take your vehicle from work week through weekend, check out the Easy Top.

  • Easy Top for Truck beats traditional pickup canopy’s, hands down.
  • About half the cost of pickup canopy’s with the same features and benefits.
  • Folds out of the way in seconds for full bed access – which can’t be done with pickup canopy’s.
  • Removes easily and completely from your vehicle for total use of the truck bed as quickly as you need it.
  • Provides high-quality durability, easy retract-ability and one-of-a-kind styling.
  • Takes truck bed coverage and storage to a new level by offering a sturdy, adaptable and cost effective alternative for pickup canopy’s.

Easy Rest

Easy Rest - €25

Making you drive with comfort
High quality foam and fabric arm rest designed primarily to be used by drivers of 4x4’s, Vans and Trucks

  • Helps relieve the stress and strain caused by resting the elbow and arm on the surface of the hard door panel while driving
  • Can be used in virtually any vehicle both front and back that has a space between the window glass and door panel
  • Using the supplied self-adhesive foam block, the Easy-Rest can be adjusted to provide a flat and comfortable arm cushion on almost any thickness of door panel
  • Can be used with the window up or down

Loading Ramps

Loading Ramps - €249

Folding Aluminum Loading Ramp

  • Light weight but heavy duty design makes loading cargo a breeze
  • Heavy Duty design – 1,000 lb. load capacity per ramp
  • Extremely lightweight (17 lbs.) for easy use
  • Folds in half with carrying handle for convenient storage
  • "Sure-Grip" loading surface provides secure traction
  • "Wheelguider" edges to keep wheels from sliding off
  • Rubberized tailgate protector protects truck gate finish
  • Sold individually (one ramp per box)

Easy Load

Easy Load - €249

The Easy Load unloads up to 3000 lbs. of any kind of material from your pickup truck in 30 seconds.

  • Easy to install, comes on & off in about a minute.
  • Belts onto tailgate - no welding or drilling.

Load Grip

Load Grip - €39 / pair




Load Grip drops into your 4x4 bed liner and locks your load in place. The Load Grip is perfect for many types of gear, including toolboxes, cement bags, and coolers.


Liner Lock

Liner Lock - €45 / pack of 4

The Liner Locks System offers you a way to keep cargo items more securely tied down in your truck bed using our unique cam and lever bar system. Liner Locks fit most plastic bed liners and with a simple quarter turn, it clamps down tight on the liner ridge allowing you to easily secure your cargo with bungee cords or rope. Liner Locks are made with 16 gauge steel for long lasting and durable use. Each liner lock will hold in excess of 360 lbs. of direct pull.

Secures odd shaped and heavy cargo items like:
Air compressors

Load Liner

Load Liner - €249

  • Matching rubber tailgate mat option available on many applications (Tailgate sold separately.)
  • Raised floor ribs match pick up bed style.
  • All bed mat applications are custom-molded to fit specific truck bed applications.
  • Cord-enhanced rubber compound construction won't crack or break, even in extreme temperatures.
  • Knobby truck bedmat underside keeps the mat in place and allows airflow for moisture evaporation.


Slido Floor is a storage & racking system for commercial vehicles that acts as a drawer that slides out to provide over 100% extension of the total length of the vehicle floor.

It is a 3-stage telescopic unit so in return utilizes space and provides easy access to all the contents of your vehicle without ever having to enter our vehicle.

In promoting health & safety and in the work place slido floor can help reduce injury by providing finger tip access to all materials whatever they maybe.