Welcome to Slido Floor - The Latest Advancement in Van & 4x4 Storage & Racking Facilities


The Latest Advancement in 4x4, Crew-Cab & Van floor extensions


  • Slido Floor presents all the compartment contents without having to remove items in front to get to those in the back.


  • Slido Floor units help to prevent back strains by bringing heavy items out into the open to assist proper lifting.

Robust Construction:

  • Slido Floor is strong and simple with securely welded steel or aluminum channels with steel machinerary bearings each designed to take heavy work loads..

Custom Fabrication:

  • Slido Floors are built to meet your specific need.

Quick Shipment:

  • Typically, your custom fabricated Slido Floor is shipped within one week.


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No need to change your vehicle, upgrade and utilize your space more efficiently and effectively with Slido Floor

Easily fitted in 20 minutes, Slido Floor is a shelving, storage & racking system for commercial vehicles that acts as a drawer that slides out to provide over 100% extension of the total length of your vehicle.

Slido Floor is made from lightweight materials to ensure that maximum usable payload is retained.

It is a 3-stage telescopic unit so in return utilizes space and provides easy access to all the contents of your vehicle without ever having to enter our vehicle.

In promoting health & safety and in the work place Slido Floor can help reduce injury by providing finger tip access to all materials whatever they maybe.